ALBA is in a position to provide door-to-door service to Indian dry-bulk importers and exporters. It is ever eager to explore new and innovative solutions to improve the supply chain of its clients.
ALBA and its associates have expertise in the following services:

Storage facility & stock management

ALBA has successfully operated and managed stockyards with a throughput of 10 million ton in the last 2 years. ALBA‘s endeavour has been to maintain the quality and quantity of the cargo, ensure timely delivery and provide daily stock reports to its clients.


ALBA is committed to provide efficient and transparent cargo handling services to its clients. ALBA and its subsidiaries are licensed to carry out stevedoring operations in the Ports of Vizag and Tuticorin. With these licenses, ALBA offers a single window and seamless experience to its clients.

Cargo handling

ALBA and its associates have long lasting expertise and experience in installing, operating and maintaining diverse cargo handling facilities. ALBA’s facilities offer safe and efficient cargo handling operations at par with international benchmarks.

Cargo Beneficiation

In cases where the clients need to beneficiate their cargo, ALBA can offer solutions for bagging, blending, crushing and screening at Tuticorin and Vizag.

Last mile delivery

ALBA, with its own fleet of trucks is in a position to cater to the trucking requirement of its clients. One of ALBA’s parent companies ( has wide expertise in offering customized barging solutions. We see a bright future for this means of transportation in India as it is a reliable, cost-effective and low pollution alternative to the conventional surface transportation.

Ocean freight

One of ALBA’s parent companies ( is a major ship owner and operator and can cater to the ocean transportation of ALBA’s clients.

Custom House Agent

ALBA in its endeavour of providing a seamless experience, can also handle the customs formalities for its clients.

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